Photography by Mike Finley

Mike Finley

is a freelance photographer based in Cheshire (UK), specialising in monochrome photography and art prints. This site contains a number of galleries containing mainly his landscape and floral monochrome photographs. Rather than reading a biography, look through the galleries to find his interests!

Floral Photography

Nigella flower Mike Finley says that, as a photographer, he find flowers fascinating. This gallery contains a selection of his monochrome floral photography.
He also grows carnivorous plants, and for his fellow CP growers, this gallery includes a few photographs of Sarracenia and Nepenthes.

Landscape Photography

Oak tree in the mist Landscape photography is one of the fields where monochrome still holds its own against colour photography. This gallery holds a few examples of Mike's landscape monochrome photographs. The current collection shown here is primarily from the English Lake District.

Infrared Photography

old wheels This gallery shows a selection of Mike's monochrome infrared photography. He finds the different tonal scales given by infrared film interesting. The photographs here were taken using the Konica 750 film (unfortunately no longer available), which gives a different effect from the more commonly used Kodak equivalent.
Mike is currently trying out the new Rollei infrared film, which has characteristics between those two.

LRPS panel

Trees in the snow Mike successfully applied for admission to the Licentiateship of the Royal Photographic Society in 2002. This gallery shows his successful monochrome print panel, which contains a mixture of landscape and floral photographs.
For the submission all the photographs were printed on the same paper type and to the same tone, and were uniformly presented in tetured white mounts.


You can purchase fine art prints of most of the photographs on this site at mike finley photography, but if what you want isn't there, please contact me directly.

For my colour photography, visit my sites on redbubble and imagekind.


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image blog

If you want to see a sample of some other art that interests me, visit my image blog, where I've got a selection of images from emerging artists, and will be adding more to the collection every couple of days.